Star Wars: A Dark Tide Rises

Episode 1 Summary

Arrival on Naboo

The crew landed at Skom Launch Base and received a briefing from General Organa. She asked the crew to travel to Naboo, and convince Queen Makaya not to surrender to the First Order.

The crew arrived on Naboo, convincing the picket fleet pilots to allow them to land in the Capital. Captain Bektar stayed with the ship while the crew ventured out.

After an unsuccessful attempt to walk up to the front door of the royal palace, the crew ventured out into the Theed Refugee Camps to investigate the situation there. They were ambushed by unknown men, one of whom turned on the ambushers, revealing himself to be Narroc Nroh. The crew killed two of the attackers and stunned a third. Upon searching their bodies, they found a note with a location and a time.

They found a cantina, The Green Dragon, which happened to specialize in the business of discretion. They were able to question the stunned ambusher, revealing that he works for Captain Sorellus. After a bit more persuasion, they also convinced him to radio in a report that the ambush was successful. Meanwhile, Niris Lous sliced into Theed’s grid, attempting to find useful information. He was unable to find anything useful, but did manage to create credentials which will allow him to slice back in easily at another time. The proprietors of the cantina offered a moderate sum of credits for the ambusher, which the crew hastily accepted. They were able to get the name of another cantina, The Angry Rancor, where they’re told they can get more information about these attackers, and who’s fighting back.

Working together, the crew hotwired three swoops and sped off toward their new destination.



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